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Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
An approach to increase the usability of Shape Expressions editors Reject (Pre-Screening) 15 28/Jun/2022
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,603 26/Jun/2022
Dynamic System Models and their Simulation in the Semantic Web Major Revision 865 26/Jun/2022
Helio: a framework for implementing the life cycle of knowledge graphs Accept 789 23/Jun/2022
Morph-KGC: Scalable Knowledge Graph Materialization with Mapping Partitions Accept 384 22/Jun/2022
Ontology and semantic net based technology applied to smart corrosion protection modelling & simulation Major Revision 852 22/Jun/2022
Web Browsers: Preference of the New Generation Reject (Pre-Screening) 81 21/Jun/2022
The Materials Design Ontology Minor Revision 915 21/Jun/2022
Analyzing Biography Collections Historiographically as Linked Data: Case National Biography of Finland Accept 1,517 20/Jun/2022
Orbis: Explainable Benchmarking of Information Extraction Tasks Major Revision 1,743 17/Jun/2022
An ontology for maintenance activities and its application to data quality Major Revision 734 13/Jun/2022
LinkedDataOps:Quality Oriented End-to-end Geospatial Linked Data Production Pipelines Major Revision 867 13/Jun/2022
Engineering User-centered Explanations to Query Answers in Ontology-driven Socio-technical Systems Major Revision 888 13/Jun/2022
A Semantic Framework to address the Evolution of Semantic Models for Condition Monitoring in Industry 4.0 Major Revision 964 09/Jun/2022
Move Cultural Heritage Knowledge Graphs in Everyone's Pocket Accept 487 09/Jun/2022
Semantic models and services for conservation and restoration of cultural heritage: a comprehensive survey Accept 624 08/Jun/2022
Learning SHACL Shapes from Knowledge Graphs Accept 806 06/Jun/2022
Blue Brain Nexus: An open, secure, scalable system for knowledge graph management and data-driven science Accept 2,040 06/Jun/2022
ImageSchemaNet: Formalizing embodied commonsense knowledge providing an image-schematic layer to Framester Accept 703 06/Jun/2022
Triple Confidence-aware Encoder-Decoder Model for Commonsense Knowledge Graph Completion Reject (Two Strikes) 831 02/Jun/2022
Security approaches for electronic health data handling through the Semantic Web: a scoping review Accept 660 01/Jun/2022
MTab4D: Semantic Annotation of Tabular Data with DBpedia Accept 677 31/May/2022
Focused Categorization Power of Ontologies: General Framework and Study on Simple Existential Concept Expressions Major Revision 1,006 30/May/2022
Paving the Way for Enriched Metadata of Linguistic Linked Data Accept 1,108 29/May/2022
Generation of Training Data for Named Entity Recognition of Artworks Minor Revision 1,193 28/May/2022
Bilingual dictionary generation and enrichment via graph exploration Accept 1,559 28/May/2022
Linking Discourse level information and induction of bilingual discourse connective lexicons Accept 1,159 27/May/2022
Neighbourhood-based Cross-Language Ontology Matching Reject (Two Strikes) 494 25/May/2022
A systematic overview of data federation systems Major Revision 1,084 20/May/2022