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Title Updated Comments
MonARCh: An Actor Based Architecture for Dynamic Linked Data Monitoring 28/Jun/2022 0
A Benchmark Dataset for Industry 4.0 and Knowledge Graphs 28/Jun/2022 0
d2kg-OWL: An Integrated Ontology for Knowledge Graph-based Representation of Government Decisions and Acts 28/Jun/2022 0
Semantic representation of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly offsite housing 28/Jun/2022 0
Enhancing Data Use Ontology (DUO) for Health-Data Sharing by Extending it with ODRL and DPV 28/Jun/2022 0
Fuzzy Constraints for Knowledge Graph Embeddings 28/Jun/2022 0
Context-aware & privacy-preserving homecare monitoring through adaptive query derivation for IoT data streams with DIVIDE 28/Jun/2022 0
OBO Foundry Food Ontology Interconnectivity 28/Jun/2022 1
ciTIzen-centric DAta pLatform (TIDAL): Sharing Distributed Personal Data in a Privacy-Preserving Manner for Health Research 28/Jun/2022 0
Explainable multi-hop dense question answering using knowledge bases and text 28/Jun/2022 0
Knowledge Graphs for Enhancing Transparency in Health Data Ecosystems 28/Jun/2022 0
INK: Knowledge graph representation for efficient and performant rule mining 28/Jun/2022 0
Terminology and Ontology Development for Semantic Annotation: A Use Case on Sepsis and Adverse Events 28/Jun/2022 0
Semantic Structure for describing IoT System: IoTContextOnt. Application for smart home and smart airport 27/Jun/2022 0
Explanation Ontology: A General-Purpose, Semantic Representation for Supporting User-Centered Explanations 27/Jun/2022 0
Capturing Concept Similarity with Knowledge Graphs 27/Jun/2022 0
DegreEmbed: incorporating entity embedding into logic rule learning for knowledge graph reasoning 27/Jun/2022 0
Is Neuro-Symbolic AI Meeting its Promise in Natural Language Processing? A Structured Review 27/Jun/2022 0
Data-driven Modelization and Knowledge Graph Generation within the Tourism Domain 27/Jun/2022 0
How Graph Data and Ontology May Add Value to Transactional Data 27/Jun/2022 0
Optimizing SPARQL Queries over Decentralized Knowledge Graphs 27/Jun/2022 0
A dual approach to ShEx visualization with complexity management 27/Jun/2022 0
Creating Occupant-Centered Digital Twins Using the Occupant Feedback Ontology Implemented in a Smartwatch App 26/Jun/2022 0
OG: A Generic Framework for Knowledge Graph Embedding with Ontology Guided Relational Constrains 26/Jun/2022 0
Automatic Ontology Population from French Classified Advertisements 26/Jun/2022 0
End-to-End Incremental Data Integration via Knowledge Graphs 26/Jun/2022 0
LBDserver - a Federated Ecosystem for Heterogeneous Linked Building Data 26/Jun/2022 0
Publishing planned, live and historical public transport data on the Web with the Linked Connections framework 26/Jun/2022 0
Survey of Models and Architectures to Ensure Linked Data Access 26/Jun/2022 0
What Can Tweets and Knowledge Graphs Tell Us About Eating Disorders? 26/Jun/2022 0
Typed properties and negative typed properties: dealing with type observations and negative statements in the CIDOC CRM 26/Jun/2022 0
Cultural Heritage Information Retrieval: Data Modelling and Applications 26/Jun/2022 0
Neural Axiom Network for Knowledge Graph Reasoning 26/Jun/2022 0
ENVOn: An ontology of 3D environment where a simulated manipulation task takes place 25/Jun/2022 0
Data Sharing in Agricultural Supply Chains: Using semantics to enable sustainable food systems 25/Jun/2022 0
Differential Privacy and SPARQL 25/Jun/2022 0
AgreementMakerLight 25/Jun/2022 0
Taming Electric Drive Train Complexity at Festo with Knowledge Graphs and Reasoning 25/Jun/2022 0
Food Process Ontology Requirements 25/Jun/2022 0
Evaluating the usability of a semantic health data framework: approach and study 24/Jun/2022 0
What is in Your Cookie Box? Explaining Ingredients of Web Cookies with Knowledge Graphs 23/Jun/2022 1
An Ontological Approach for Integrating Declarative Mapping Languages 21/Jun/2022 0
A Unified and Evolvable Knowledge Graph Management Mechanism for Medical Data 21/Jun/2022 0
Separability and its Approximations in Ontology-based Data Management 20/Jun/2022 0
Ontology-based digital map integration 20/Jun/2022 0
Reuse of the FoodOn Ontology in a Knowledge Base of Food Composition Data 20/Jun/2022 0
Towards Explainable Knowledge Graph Embeddings by Respecting Logical Commitments 18/Jun/2022 0
A Conceptual Model for Ontology Quality Assessment 18/Jun/2022 0
RATIONALE: A Security and Safety Testing Ontology for Machine Learning-based systems 17/Jun/2022 0
LegalNERo: A linked corpus for named entity recognition in the Romanian legal domain 14/Jun/2022 0
The Numerate Web: Mathematical Formulas and Computations on the Web of Data 14/Jun/2022 0
A Semantic Meta-Model for Data Integration and Exploitation in Precision Agriculture and Livestock Farming 09/Jun/2022 0
StarVers - Versioning and Timestamping RDF data by means of RDF* - An Approach based on Annotated Triples 09/Jun/2022 0
Identifying, Querying, and Relating Large Heterogeneous RDF Sources 29/May/2022 0
How to Create and Use a National Cross-domain Ontology and Data Infrastructure on the Semantic Web 28/May/2022 0
Semantic Abstraction and Modelling of Heterogeneous Application Deployments 09/May/2022 0