Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updated
Evidence of Large-Scale Conceptual Disarray in Multi-Level Taxonomies in Wikidata Accept 193 30/Nov/2023
DIAERESIS: RDF Data Partitioning and Query Processing on SPARK Accept 317 09/Nov/2023
Dura-Europos Stories: Explore the Excavations and Artifacts Accept 291 29/Nov/2023
Ontology-Based GraphQL Server Generation for Data Access and Data Integration Accept 582 01/Dec/2023
TermIt: Managing Normative Thesauri Accept 325 22/Nov/2023
Context-Aware Composition of Agent Policies by Markov Decision Process Entity Embeddings and Agent Ensembles Accept 893 09/Nov/2023
The Role of Ontologies and Knowledge in Explainable AI Accept 552 31/Aug/2023
CANARD: An Approach for Generating Expressive Correspondences based on Competency Questions for Alignment Accept 433 04/Dec/2023
A Study of Concept Similarity in Wikidata Accept 458 04/Dec/2023
The RDF2vec Family of Knowledge Graph Embedding Methods Accept 532 04/Dec/2023
InterpretME: A Tool for Interpretations of Machine Learning Models Over Knowledge Graphs Accept 731 04/Dec/2023
NeuSyRE: Neuro-Symbolic Visual Understanding and Reasoning Framework based on Scene Graph Enrichment Accept 679 27/Nov/2023
Sem@K: Is my knowledge graph embedding model semantic-aware? Accept 477 27/Nov/2023
INK: Knowledge graph representation for efficient and performant rule mining Accept 667 23/Aug/2023
Wikidata subsetting: approaches, tools, and evaluation Accept 991 27/Nov/2023
Using Semantic Story Maps to Describe a Territory beyond its Map Accept 625 14/Nov/2023
A Semantic Framework for Condition Monitoring in Industry 4.0 based on Evolving Knowledge Bases Accept 925 23/Aug/2023
Differential Privacy and SPARQL Accept 796 14/Nov/2023
QALD-10 — The 10th Challenge on Question Answering over Linked Data Accept 966 14/Nov/2023
Searching for explanations of black-box classifiers in the space of semantic queries Accept 1,200 23/Jun/2023
ProVe: A Pipeline for Automated Provenance Verification of Knowledge Graphs Against Textual Sources Accept 907 14/Aug/2023
OBO Foundry Food Ontology Interconnectivity Accept 825 21/Jul/2023
Special issue on Semantic Web Meets Health Data Management - Editorial Accept 966 03/May/2023
Psychiq and Wwwyzzerdd: Wikidata completion using Wikipedia Accept 1,634 14/Aug/2023
Optimizing SPARQL Queries over Decentralized Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,111 05/Jun/2023
What is in Your Cookie Box? Explaining Ingredients of Web Cookies with Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,199 07/Jul/2023
A Benchmark Dataset with Knowledge Graph Generation for Industry 4.0 Production Lines Accept 1,330 30/May/2023
DegreEmbed: incorporating entity embedding into logic rule learning for knowledge graph reasoning Accept 1,048 05/Jun/2023
Quantifiable Integrity for Linked Data on the Web Accept 1,048 07/Jun/2023