Piwik Web Analytics Software Installed

Starting today we will use the Piwik free and open source web analytics software. We have not used any system before and have decided to use Piwik instead of Google analytics (or related products) to better protect your data. We will use Piwik to collect simple user/browser statistics to improve our web system. We configured Piwik to ignore all your data if your browser uses the do-not-track flag. In other words, it is your own decision whether we can collect information about your browser, country of origin, language setting, operation system, and so forth. Please keep in mind that in contrast to most other systems, Piwik is not tracking you over different webpages nor is your data shared with anybody. We also do not collect more user specific information by mining and sharing cookies and so forth. Summing up, we collect less data than almost all of the pages you visit on a daily basis and will use the access logs of our web server to collect some statistics useful to improve the user experience.