The Semantic Web Journal after 18 months; some facts

As of summer 2011, 18 months after the launch of the Semantic Web journal:

  • 167 manuscripts have been submitted, not counting resubmissions. 96 manuscripts have been resubmitted.
  • 23 manuscripts have been accepted for publication (not counting editorials and a first, fully reviewed issue on vision statements from the editorial board member) leading to an acceptance rate of 14%. Note that this figure does not account for the fact that some of the manuscripts currently still under review may eventually be accepted and published.
  • 3 issues have been published with a fourth issue in final preparation.
  • 212 reviewers have contributed to the journal so far, each with 1-11 reviews.
  • Accepted papers have 1381 page views on average. This number is constantly increasing as the submission pages and papers are publicly available. The most viewed paper has 2902 page views.
  • Out of 426 reviews in total (including those for resubmissions) 113 are anonymous, while 313 are not, i.e., 73% of all reviews contain the names of the reviewers.
  • The numbers above cannot be used to determine an average number of reviews per manuscript as several of the 167 manuscripts are under review, while others have been rejected during pre-screening. Accepted papers received 4.1 reviews on average.
  • Leaving notes from the editors aside, 52 comments have been published. This includes non-solicited reviews, open letters to the reviewers, and discussions between reviewers and authors.
  • The average
    turnaround time between the submission of a manuscript and the editorial decision is 63 days.
  • While most papers have only been published for a few months, they have received a total of 135 citations so far (based on Google Scholar1 and including 49 publications i.e. regular papers, editorials, as well as the initial vision statements issue).

For more details, see:
Janowicz, K. and Hitzler, P. (2011, to appear): Open and transparent: the review process of the Semantic Web journal. Learned Publishing. [Preprint available from this site.]