Combined SWJ/EKAW2014 submissions using the SWJ review process

The EKAW 2014 Call for Research Track Papers allows for combined conference + SW journal (fast-track) submissions:

Papers submitted via this track will be published as regular research paper in the EKAW 2014 conference proceedings; a suitably extended version of the paper will be published as a full journal paper in the Semantic Web journal. Papers submitted to this combined track will undergo the regular (open and transparent) SWJ review process.

Special Call for Ontology Design Pattern descriptions

Semantic Web journal:
Special Call for
Ontology Design Pattern descriptions

An ontology design pattern is a reusable solution to a recurring ontology modeling problem. Different kinds of ontology design patterns have been identified, and they are used for different purposes ranging from their use as building blocks and strategies for ontology creation to their utilization for heterogneity preservation in information integration.

Call for papers: Special Issue of the Semantic Web Journal on Scalable Semantic Graph Systems

Call for papers: Special issue of the Semantic Web Journal on

Scalable Semantic Graph Systems

Scopus listing

Scopus listing for the Semantic Web journal is forthcoming - should only take a few weeks from here.

From their review:

A Linked-Data-driven and Semantically-enabled Journal Portal for Scientometrics

As you know the Semantic Web journal follows a unique open and transparent process during which each submitted manuscript is available online together with the full history of its successive decision statuses, assigned editors, solicited and voluntary reviewers, their full text reviews, and in many cases also the authors' response letters. Combined with a highly-customized, Drupal-based journal management system, this provides the journal with semantically rich manuscript time lines and networked data about authors, reviewers, and editors.