The Semantic Web Journal after 18 months; some facts

As of summer 2011, 18 months after the launch of the Semantic Web journal:

  • 167 manuscripts have been submitted, not counting resubmissions. 96 manuscripts have been resubmitted.

volume 2 number 2 published

The newest issue of the Semantic Web journal, volume 2 number 2, has been published:

New Design

We updated our design and added several new functionalities to improve the usability of the SWJ webpage. You can now access the open calls page as well as the reviewed articles page directly using the primary navigation links. Moreover, several pre-defined views are available using the reviewed articles section in the (new) right side menu. Finally, we also added a search box and direct links to the last twitter messages and blog posts.

We hope you enjoy our new design.

Special Issue on The Semantics of Microposts

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Special Issue on The Semantics of Microposts