ClioPatria: A SWI-Prolog Infrastructure for the Semantic Web

Tracking #: 1074-2286

Jan Wielemaker
Wouter Beek
Michiel Hildebrand1
Jacco van Ossenbruggen

Responsible editor: 
Axel Polleres

Submission type: 
Tool/System Report
ClioPatria is a comprehensive semantic web development framework based on SWI-Prolog. SWI-Prolog provides an efficient C-based main-memory RDF store that is designed to cooperate naturally and efficiently with Prolog, realizing a flexible RDF-based environment for rule based programming. ClioPatria extends this core with a SPARQL and LOD server, an extensible web frontend to manage the server, browse the data, query the data using SPARQL and Prolog and a Git-based plugin manager. The ability to query RDF using Prolog provides query composition and smooth integration with application logic. ClioPatria is primarily positioned as a prototyping platform for exploring novel ways of reasoning with RDF data. It has been used in several research projects in order to perform tasks such as data integration and enrichment and semantic search.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Christoph Redl submitted on 21/May/2015
Review Comment:

All my comments have been addressed in the revision. Most importantly, the authors clarified that also the underlying RDF triplet store is part of the presented system and not only the defined predicates. This was not clear in the previous version. After the clarification the contribution appears to be significant and my doubts in this respect have disappeared.

Review #2
By Alessandra Mileo submitted on 21/Jul/2015
Review Comment:

Authors have addressed most of the comments of my previous review.
The paper is well written and presents impact and application of ClioPatria over its evolution, also illustrating limitations and next steps.
Given the broad set of domains and lifespan of the project, I would suggest to add a table that summarizes the content of Section 4, illustrating what projects are currently or were in the past using what version of ClioPatria, when did their project finish and what is the current status. The evaluation of the impact would highly benefit from such summarized information and favour further adoption of ClioPatria in other projects/domains.