A comparison of object-triple mapping libraries

Tracking #: 2057-3270

Martin Ledvinka
Petr Křemen

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Philippe Cudre-Mauroux

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Survey Article
Domain-independent information systems like ontology editors provide only limited usability for non-experts when domain-specific linked data need to be created. On the contrary, domain-specific applications require adequate architecture for data authoring and validation, typically using the object-oriented paradigm. So far, several software libraries mapping the RDF model (representing linked data) to the object model have been introduced in the literature. In this paper, we develop a novel framework for comparison of object-triple mapping solutions in terms of features and performance. For feature comparison, we designed a set of qualitative criteria reflecting object-oriented application developer's needs. For the performance comparison, we introduce a benchmark based on a real-world information system that we implemented using one of the compared object-triple mapping (OTM) solutions -- JOPA. We present a detailed evaluation of a selected set of OTM libraries, showing how they differ in terms of features. We further narrow down the set of selected OTM libraries to contain only RDF4J-compatible ones and use the benchmark to measure their time and memory efficiency.
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Review #1
Anonymous submitted on 04/Dec/2018
Review Comment:

In the revised version, the authors included the feedback from the previous reviews on both the content and the presentation of their work. Therefore, the overall quality of their contribution has improved. Overall, I am satisfied with the current state of their work and would recommend accepting the submission.

Review #2
By Ken Wenzel submitted on 19/Dec/2018
Review Comment:

The authors have carefully addressed all comments. The paper is ready for publication.
Thank you for the good work.