metaphactory: A Platform for Knowledge Graph Management

Tracking #: 2149-3362

Peter Haase
Daniel Herzig
Artem Kozlov
Andriy Nikolov
Johannes Trame

Responsible editor: 
Guest Editors Knowledge Graphs 2018

Submission type: 
Tool/System Report
In this system paper we describe metaphactory, a platform for building knowledge graph management applications. The metaphactory platform aims at supporting different categories of knowledge graph users within the organization by realizing relevant services for knowledge graph data management tasks, providing a rich and customizable user interface, and enabling rapid building of use case-specific applications. The paper discusses how the platform architecture design built on open standards enables its reusability in various application domains and use cases as well as facilitates integration of the knowledge graph with other parts of the organizational data and software infrastructure. We highlight the capabilities of the platform by describing its usage in four different knowledge graph application domains and share the lessons learnt from the practical experience of building knowledge graph applications in the enterprise context.
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