Ontology for observations and sampling features, with alignments to existing models

Tracking #: 1237-2449

Simon Cox

Responsible editor: 
Mark Gahegan

Submission type: 
Ontology Description
We introduce new OWL ontologies for observations and sampling features, based on the O&M conceptual model from OGC and ISO 19156. Previous efforts, (a) through the W3C SSN project, and (b) following ISO rules for conversion from UML, had dependencies on elaborate pre-existing ontologies and frameworks. The new on-tologies, known as om-lite and sam-lite, remove such dependencies, and can therefore be used with minimal on-tological commitment beyond the O&M conceptual model. Time and space concepts, for which there are multi-ple existing solutions, are implemented as stub-classes, and patterns for linking to the existing ontologies are de-scribed. PROV is used to support certain requirements for the description of specimens. A more general alignment of both observation and sampling feature ontologies with PROV is described, as well as mappings to some other observation models and ontologies.
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