Semantic Abstraction and Modelling of Heterogeneous Application Deployments

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Zoe Vasileiou
Georgios Meditskos1
Stefanos Vrochidis
Ioannis Kompatsiaris

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Aldo Gangemi

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Full Paper
As the complexity of applications increases, more and more organizations migrate to cloud and High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures. However, those resources are diverse and heterogeneous with different standards per cloud provider. Thus, the authoring of the deployment topology is a daunting task making the definition of a unified and interoperable model of uppermost importance. In this paper, we present TOSCA-S, an ontology for capturing key notions of the TOSCA metamodel, following existing Semantic Web standards and best practices in ontology design. More specifically, the ontology reuses the conceptual model of the DOLCE+DnS Ultralite (DUL) foundational ontology, making use of the Descriptions and Situations (DnS) design pattern for defining an abstraction layer for the representation and mapping of applications and infrastructures to ontological entities. The core model focuses on capturing information at higher levels of abstraction, enabling the conceptual description of artefacts, services, code and platforms that fosters advanced context-aware searching, matchmaking, validation and reuse. The proposed framework is part of the SODALITE platform that aims to provide an optimised, highly resilient heterogeneous execution environment enabling operational transparency between Cloud and HPC infrastructures.
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