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Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
A systematic overview of data federation systems Accept 611 24/Sep/2022
Data-driven Modelization and Knowledge Graph Generation within the Tourism Domain Major Revision 547 24/Sep/2022
Linking Women Editors of Periodicals to the Wikidata Knowledge Graph Accept 2,234 23/Sep/2022
Creating Occupant-Centered Digital Twins Using the Occupant Feedback Ontology Implemented in a Smartwatch App Accept 133 23/Sep/2022
Towards a formal ontology of engineering functions, behaviours, and capabilities Accept 340 21/Sep/2022
An Ontological Approach for Representing Declarative Mapping Languages Accept 216 21/Sep/2022
Survey of Models and Architectures to Ensure Linked Data Access Reject 1,023 21/Sep/2022
Semantics-Aware Shilling Attacks against collaborative recommender systems via Knowledge Graphs Major Revision 2,448 20/Sep/2022
Editorial of Knowledge Graphs Validation and Quality Accept 66 19/Sep/2022
Learning SHACL Shapes from Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,208 19/Sep/2022
Publishing planned, live and historical public transport data on the Web with the Linked Connections framework Accept 970 19/Sep/2022
StarVers - Versioning and Timestamping RDF data by means of RDF* - An Approach based on Annotated Triples Major Revision 1,259 16/Sep/2022
Optimizing SPARQL Queries over Decentralized Knowledge Graphs Major Revision 731 16/Sep/2022
Evaluating the usability of a semantic environmental health data framework: approach and study Accept 291 16/Sep/2022
Neural Axiom Network for Knowledge Graph Reasoning Minor Revision 494 12/Sep/2022
Knowledge Graphs for Enhancing Transparency in Health Data Ecosystems Major Revision 1,003 12/Sep/2022
The OneGraph Vision: Challenges of Breaking the Graph Model Lock-In Reject (Pre-Screening) 83 12/Sep/2022
Editorial of the Special Issue on Latest Advancements in Linguistic Linked Data Accept 108 09/Sep/2022
AgreementMakerLight Minor Revision 665 09/Sep/2022
A Theoretically-Grounded Benchmark for the Evaluation of Machine Common Sense Reject 227 07/Sep/2022
Semantic Structure for describing IoT System: IoTContextOnt. Application for smart home and smart airport Reject 799 06/Sep/2022
SHAPEness: a SHACL-driven RDF Graph Editor Reject 3,178 05/Sep/2022
Separability and its Approximations in Ontology-based Data Management Minor Revision 1,141 04/Sep/2022
ImageSchemaNet: Formalizing embodied commonsense knowledge providing an image-schematic layer to Framester Accept 1,085 31/Aug/2022
Is Neuro-Symbolic AI Meeting its Promises in Natural Language Processing? A Structured Review Accept 190 30/Aug/2022
Ontology-based digital map integration Major Revision 790 25/Aug/2022
OBO Foundry Food Ontology Interconnectivity Major Revision 2,303 23/Aug/2022
Taming Electric Drive Train Complexity at Festo with Knowledge Graphs and Reasoning Major Revision 1,329 22/Aug/2022
Fuzzy Constraints for Knowledge Graph Embeddings Reject 710 19/Aug/2022