This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort ascending Updated
Social Influence Analysis in Microblogging Platforms - A Topic-Sensitive based Approach Accept 187,236 31/Mar/2013
DBpedia - A Large-scale, Multilingual Knowledge Base Extracted from Wikipedia Accept 101,783 20/Apr/2016
A Reasonable Semantic Web Accept 60,620 08/Dec/2010
Injecting semantic annotations into (geospatial) Web service descriptions Accept 57,981 06/Oct/2012
How Ontologies Benefit Enterprise Applications Accept 56,575 18/Mar/2013
An information model for managing resources and their metadata Accept 55,177 27/Nov/2012
Scientific Discourse on the Semantic Web: A Survey of Models and Enabling Technologies Major Revision 46,241 10/Feb/2011
The Alignment API 4.0 Accept 43,895 08/Dec/2010
(Partial) User Preference Similarity as Classification-Based Model Similarity Accept 42,802 21/Jan/2013
Order Matters! Harnessing a World of Orderings for Reasoning over Massive Data Accept 41,966 24/Oct/2012
Approaches to Visualising Linked Data: A Survey Accept 41,824 06/Oct/2012
OntoBroker - Mature and approved semantic middleware Accept 40,621 19/Apr/2012
S-Match: an open source framework for matching lightweight ontologies Accept 38,272 21/Apr/2011
Five Stars of Linked Data Vocabulary Use Accept 37,686 31/Mar/2014
Making the Web a Data Washing Machine - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Accept 37,295 08/Dec/2010
WebProtégé: A Collaborative Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition Tool for the Web Accept 36,752 07/Jun/2012
Enabling the Geospatial Semantic Web with Parliament and GeoSPARQL Accept 36,545 06/Oct/2012
The AGROVOC Linked Dataset Accept 36,345 13/Mar/2013
FactForge: A fast track to the web of data Accept 35,598 06/Oct/2012
A Classification of Semantic Annotation Systems Accept 34,852 06/Oct/2012
Linked Data in Enterprise Information Integration Reject and Resubmit 32,536 06/Oct/2012
The OWL API: A Java API for OWL Ontologies Accept 32,520 08/Dec/2010
Ontology of Units of Measure and Related Concepts Accept 31,579 12/Jun/2012
A Review of Argumentation for the Social Semantic Web Accept 30,496 07/Aug/2012
Publishing Bibliographic Data on the Semantic Web using BibBase Accept 30,302 06/Oct/2012
The RacerPro Knowledge Representation and Reasoning System Accept 29,366 07/Mar/2011
Lifecycle Models of Data-centric Systems and Domains Accept 29,300 29/Jan/2012
Contextual Information Retrieval in Research Articles: Semantic Publishing Tools for the Research Community Accept 29,131 03/Jan/2013
Comparison of Reasoners for large Ontologies in the OWL 2 EL Profile Accept 28,585 06/Oct/2012