This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
TripleTree: Exploiting Redundancy Aware Trees to Compress and Process RDF Triples Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,825 30/May/2020
Identifying Cross Section Technology Application Through Chinese Patent Analysis Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,836 18/May/2020
Building Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graphs from Vectorized Topographic Historical Maps Accept 1,838 10/Aug/2022
CRAFTS: Configurable REST APIs For Triple Stores Reject 1,839 20/Jan/2022
Methodologies for publishing linked open government data on the web: a systematic mapping and a unified process model Accept 1,848 27/Jan/2022
Deep Understanding of Everyday Activity Commands for Household Robots Accept 1,850 24/Mar/2022
Towards Ontology-based Expert System Development and Evaluation for Rice Disease Identification and Control Recommendation Reject (Two Strikes) 1,852 04/Jul/2021
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,855 26/Jun/2022
RelTopic: A Graph-Based Semantic Relatedness Measure in Topic Ontologies and Its Applicability for Topic Labeling of Old Press Articles Accept 1,862 28/Jul/2022
Relational Graph Convolutional Networks: A Closer Look Reject 1,877 03/Dec/2021
A Hybrid Feature Learning Approach for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis in Drug Reviews Reject 1,879 28/May/2021
Formality and Accessibility in Ontology Representation and Reasoning: A Diagrammatic Approach Reject 1,881 18/Aug/2021
OntoSen: an ontology framework for the characterization of seniors in learning systems Reject 1,888 10/Jun/2021
Handling Qualitative Preferences in SPARQL over Virtual Ontology-Based Data Access Accept 1,888 28/Dec/2021
CMDI Roadmap: Visualization, Interaction and Analysis of Heterogeneous Textbook Resources Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,892 30/Mar/2020
A Novel GCN Architecture for Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs: Full Node Embedded Strategy and Context Gate with Copy and Penalty Mechanism Reject 1,895 07/Apr/2021
Adaptive Spatio-temporal Query Planning For Linked Sensor Data Major Revision 1,905 06/Jul/2021
Optimizing Storage of RDF Archives using Bidirectional Delta Chains Accept 1,908 28/Sep/2021
Robust Query Processing for Linked Data Fragments Accept 1,913 27/Dec/2021
A Prospective Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities within Link Traversal-Based Query Processing Reject 1,927 18/Oct/2021
Applying the LOT methodology to a Public Bus Transport Ontology aligned with Transmodel: Challenges and Results Accept 1,931 08/Nov/2021
Benchmarking Embedding Techniques for Knowledge Graph Comparison Reject 1,952 24/Jun/2021
Continuous Multi-Query Optimization for Subgraph Matching over Dynamic Graphs Accept 1,953 26/Dec/2021
Linked Open Images: Visual Similarity for the Semantic Web Accept 1,967 28/Dec/2021
Orbis: Explainable Benchmarking of Information Extraction Tasks Major Revision 1,972 17/Jun/2022
CIDOC CRM Negative Properties Test Dataset Reject 1,976 16/Jul/2021
Onto4AIR2: a simple ontology to represent theses from open repositories as products of academic collaboration Reject 1,984 11/Jun/2021
Finding the appropriate relations between concepts of knowledge resources: challenges and key points of improvement Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,987 07/Mar/2020
Triple-Centered and Schema-Agnostic Keyword Search over RDF using Elasticsearch Reject 1,988 09/Jul/2021